Are we required to have a wedding planner?

Two Wishes Ranch will provide a venue coordinator. But a venue coordinator and wedding planner are very different. To make sure you have the very best event possible, we require that you work with a wedding planner. The provided venue coordinator takes care of everything dealing with the venue, will make sure your tables and chairs are set up according to your plans and that your vendors have access to the venue. A wedding planner, however, is responsible for coordinating all other things that come with the venue. Why we require that you have at least a “Day Of Event Coordinator”:

  • A professional planner will seamlessly coordinate your wedding vision allowing you, your mom, sister, favorite cousin, best friend or anyone else you thought may want to fill the role of planner to actually have a good time during your event!
  • A planner will make sure that once the vendors arrive, they know where they’re supposed to be and when and when the need to depart so as not to interrupt your ceremony. 
  • A planner can handle ceremony or reception flipping which is nothing to underestimate considering our wild Texas weather!
  • A planner can help you coordinate your entire day, assist with all design details, catering, dress snafus, make sure the first look happens at exactly the right time, and that sparkler send off is magically choreographed with your photographer. 
  • Your wedding planner must have liability insurance. 

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